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The winter is coming, and Tasha is here to make sure you are ready for when it is cold outside. Yes, the pandemic has taken a toll on all of us and has forced us to put the majority of our big (holiday) plans on hold, but who said we should not be looking stylish and gorgeous, even though the only one to see how fabulous we are is our mirror!

So, pause that Netflix binge, grab your mug of hot marshmallow cocoa, and get cozy as I walk you through the fall/winter 2020 fashion trends.

Pop Art Autumn

Despite the popular opinion that fall is for darker, more subtle tones only, fall 2020 fashion trends are full of vibrant eye-catching pop colors, such as melon yellow, royal blue and hot pink. Andy Warhol would be inspired, and so are we!

Vegan & Faux is the New Cool

The trend of real leather and real fur is long out of date. And even though now those cute little bunnies and chinchillas can roam around knowing they will not one day become someones pretty hat, or a pair of gloves, the demand for luxury, at least the illusion of it, is stronger than ever.

So, the fashion industry is happily fulfilling this demand with the alternate luxury, which, unlike the real leather and real fur is much more accessible - vegan leather and faux fur.

Solid natural tones are always a win

Of course, you can never go wrong with natural tones, no matter the season. Mixing and matching the shades of the pastel palette is big this fall. All shades of beiges, whites, browns - you just point your finger!

Some California winter blues

Now, can we talk about California winters for a moment? Yeah, yeah, it is not the real winter you might say, but! Who says Californians do not get to rock cute wintery looks this time of year? End of the day, we have a ski resort up in the mountains and a surfer beach right down by the ocean only 2 hours apart! How is that for a winter vacation?

Here are a few suggestions you might just want to try on this season:

Fall 2020

1. Pop color vegan leather and faux fur lined vests accentuate the look, combined with a long sleeve bodycon dress, or a pair of dark denim jeans - suit your mood!

Complete the look with natural tone high heel boots, some accent earrings, and the scent of your confidence. Voi-la, you look fabulous!

2. How about a burst of hot pink or neon yellow ? Be bold! Combine our vegan leather vests with simple white long sleeve shirts and jeans for a casual but stylish eye-catching fall look!

3. Yes, another vest. We have plenty for you to choose from! A bubblegum pink vest- faux furry lining on the inside, vegan leather on the outside - combined with a stylish sequin detailed sweater. Complete with the bottom of your choice: a pair of denim pants, or a solid color midi skirt and high heel boots.

4. For a more classy, yet stylish and glamorous look we recommend a more daring bottom combined with a more subtle and classy top, such a cardigan or a coat, paired with some fine natural tone high heeled boots.

For this look we chose a vegan leather mini skirt, and paired it with a subtle dark green midi cardigan. We completed the look with a waist python purse and the matching natural tone boots.

Winter 2020

1. Cute cropped winter bomber jackets and warm cable knits?! Yes please! A variety of our colorful cable knits (that will always be in the fall/winter trend, ALWAYS!) combined with natural color or a snow white winter jacket - we got you!

Shop these sweet little cropped jackets, they will keep warm and fabulous while you “shoop, shoop, shoop!" at your favorite ski resort!

2. Ice Queen could not win over the hearts, because she did not have this magnificent winter jacket!

We are here to help! Shop our Icy blue quilted winter jacket to go right ahead and win over those hearts!

Stay warm and fabulous this season!

Yours truly,

Anastasiia, XOXO

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