A dress can be many things: it can make you feel light and girly, or bring out your inner Femme Fatale, or even make the stars dance and turn you into a Cinderella. A perfectly fitting dress can do magic!

But finding the right fit and style is not enough to twist those heads: picking just the right fabric is just as important! And I am here to walk you through the hottest fabric trends of Autumn/Winter 2020:

Velvet Renaissance

Originally, velvet was a royal fabric, a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Worn by kings and queens long before our time, then worn by the Renaissance elite, then the Roaring 20s came along with their carefree chicness and day-in-day-out parties, and then glam kids and pop culture icons in the 1970s through the 1990s took pride in wearing velvet.

Todays velvet revival is just as chic and luxurious as it used to be, only more affordable. With these glamorous crushed or not velvet dresses anyone can be queen.


What is fall or winter without our favorite corduroy beret and a light trench coat? The answer is: corduroy dresses!

Corduroy is a traditional English-manufactured fabric, that originated in the 18th century as a fabric of the aristocrats. The word corduroy carries a hint of French royal prestige, taking its name from the French corde du roi - the cloth of the King.

Autumn calls for darker, more subtle colors such as cranberry red or fir green. Pair it with nude over-the-knee boots, a golden chain belt, or a pair of striking red pumps to create that chic stylish look. Be it a cute mini or a classy midi - corduroy dress will make you feel like royalty.

Lady Boss Vibes

Stripes, or no stripes - you run this season!

Balloon sleeves and flare skirts, pinstripe prints and V-necks! Or, maybe slim fit and ruffle sleeves? Your call, cause we have got it all!


The trend for suede is back! Only it is faux suede now - after all, we deserve to look chic and stylish without hurting anyone.

Colorblock is another trend that's been revitalized. Throw these two trends together, and you got yourself our new Colorblock Suede Statement Dress!


Satin originated in the Middle Ages in China, a sibling to Silk. It has been used extensively by Chinese artists and designers all over the world to create delicate luxurious pieces of clothing and accessories, such as scarfs, robes, and hair pieces.

Black Tie event, flirty date, or a business appointment - whatever the occasion - we are here to help you get ready!

Combine this black elegant mini dress with our Andromeda Rhinestone clutch purse and a pair of metallic pumps for the Intergalactic shine look!

And for dessert, here are some navy blue styles:

Our Halter Neck Lace Trim Mini Dress

The golden leaf season is for long sleeves, leather trench coats and cute French berets. It is classy, it is chic, but nothing will replace that perfect dress you want to wear all year round!

Shop Tasha Apparel for all the trendiest Autumn/Winter 2020 styles!

Oh, one more thing: you can never go wrong with cable knit!

Yours truly,

Anastasiia XOXO