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Spring / Summer 2021 Getaway

10 Styles to take you straight into the summer 

As the weather slowly but surely is getting warmer, and our wool coats and sock boots are no longer at the front of our shoe shelves, it is time we start thinking about the beautiful time of year heading our way! 

Despite traveling still being a hassle, and the MASKuerade being a constant pain to everyone, Tasha is here to help you and your customers ease into the planning of that perfect vacation, or at least help you feel like you are on one, even if its as far as Bakersfield or San Diego. 

but lets stay positive, and make the most out of our summer! Yes, masks are still a forced must-have attribute of each and everyones wardrobe, but lets stay positive, and make the most out of our summer! 

1. Pastels are a go this season! 

The lavenders, light greens, khakis and mellow-yellows are definitely all summer colors, and are perfect for setting you in that light easygoing vacation mood. 

Pair this beautiful flowy Lavender mini dress with our Beige Suede Clutch 

2. How about some sequins and sparkles for the vacation night out? Let your dress speak for you! 

Let our Rainbow sequin dress mesmerize you and everyone around you and say She shines brighter than the stars!

3. We love secret spots and romantic getaways! Leaving the roaring city behind, with only the endless ocean and golden sand waiting to help you pause and unwind. We have got the style that is a combination of comfort and effortless chicness! 

Yes, we are talking about this simple but classy Light olive shirt dress - perfect for a weekend in the Hamptons! 

4. This Moonbeam white midi dress is lighter than the ocean breeze you will feel on your face while walking down the beach, daydreaming far from the madding crowd of the city. 

This dress will go perfectly with our Net beach tote to put your favorite book and beach towel in! 

5. With the hint of 1950s European summer vibe we give you our Navy and Red Striped Ruffle dresses!

6. Go Boho with this elegant White crochet maxi dress, combining it with a set of Silver ring bracelets

7. What is summer without florals? 

Immerse in the endless bliss of the warm sun and fragrant flowers with our Off-the-shoulder floral maxi dress

8. It is the jumpsuit season! 

And we have got you covered! 

Let our Twig wide-leg jumpsuit make you feel on top of the world!

9.  Another pastel bliss that is our Lavender wide-leg jumpsuit, beautifully combined with these Gold rhinestone hoop earrings and our Blue drawstring shoulder tote

10. Dwell in the blissful coolness under the palm trees, hiding from the summer heat, in our Lemonade Lime summer set, accessorized with the set of Gold ring bracelets and the shiny Gold rhinestone hoop earrings.