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Wholesale Clothing & Accessories - Silver Hammered Metallic Stone Ring /6 Pieces Silver Hammered Metallic Stone Ring /6 Pieces
Unit Price: $3.00

Dropshipping from USA - Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Online

Incredible pricing on a wide array of USA dropshipping jewelry pieces and jewelry sets provides you with the opportunity to bring your customers some fantastic jewelry deals that will keep them coming back. Here at Tasha Apparel, we’re proud to offer dropshipping a large selection of jewelry or Boho jewelry for a trendy, casual look directly from Los Angeles, California, USA.

This fantastic collection of dropshipping earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and jewelry sets, with all pieces priced to you at around a dollar each, should literally fly off of your shelves or online store. Pieces are easy to mix and match with so many choices ranging from jewel drop choker necklaces to simple inspirational cuffs. These items are great fun and make awesome gifts. Be sure to check for special discount codes!