Discover Diverse Wholesale Fashion Collections at Tasha Apparel

Bohemian Style: A Boutique Favorite

Our Bohemian Style Collection is a hit among boutiques, offering unique designs and vibrant prints that cater to a fashion-forward clientele.

Elegant Evening Wear for Special Occasions

As a boutique vendor, elevate your evening wear selection with our Elegant Evening Wear Collection. Provide your customers with stunning gowns and sophisticated dresses for every special event.

Accessorize with the Latest Trends

Enhance your boutique's offerings with accessories from our Trendy Accessories Collection. Choose from a variety of jewelry, handbags, and scarves to complement any outfit.

Casual Wear for Daily Chic

Stock up on everyday essentials with our Contemporary Casuals Collection. Offer comfortable yet chic options perfect for daily wear.

As a trusted wholesale fashion vendor in the LA Fashion District, Tasha Apparel is dedicated to providing boutique owners with high-quality, fashionable options at competitive prices. Explore our collections today and discover the perfect additions to make your boutique stand out.