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Beauty Essentials: Wholesale Face and Body Products

You want to provide your customers with the Face and Body trends - and with Tasha Apparel selection of all things Face and Body, makeup, skincare, hair products and more, you wi≠ll do just that. Whether it is a fizzing bath bomb or melting bath salts you are after, or just some fake tan for that night out allow your customers to forgot what was on the agenda this weekend, our edits got it all. Shop a wide selection of tools and accessories, including makeup brush sets and makeup brushes for your face, eyes and lips. and if you are feeling generous, bag yourself some serious present-buying points with our range of gifts and gift sets, think everything from nail-polish duos and lip gloss trios to dreamy fragrances. Save money on each order when you buy wholesale face and body in bulk at Tasha Apparel. We believe fashion is a right, not a luxury - so help your clients be their best selves. They deserve it!