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Wholesale Fashion Bracelets For Sale

A touch of sparkle or a bit of contemporary flair is all it takes to transform an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary. At Tasha Apparel, our gorgeous wholesale bracelets are made to add just the right amount of ìbling" to a woman's wardrobe without appearing audacious or overdone. All bracelets are available in one size but adjust to fit a range of wrist sizes comfortably.

The ladies' gold and silver bracelets in bulk at Tasha Apparel are available in packs of 12 so that you can create a diverse collection. Wholesale silver bracelets with tubed designs feature gold accents and black cords, creating a classic design with modern appeal. Simple gold bracelets with single or triple rings appeal to ladies looking for an elegant design at an affordable price. Teens and young women alike sport these styles as regular parts of their wardrobes, so the bracelets are sure to be an instant hit with your customers.