Fall / Winter 2022 Boutique Wholesale Catalog


Autumnal Luxe: Tasha Apparel's Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Venture into the rich tapestry of Tasha Apparel's Fall-Winter 2022 Collection, meticulously curated for boutique owners dedicated to offering distinctive style narratives. This season unfolds as a celebration of sartorial refinement and understated grandeur, capturing the essence of fall and winter's most enchanting moments.

Cozy Textures and Warm Palettes

Our collection is a homage to the sensory experiences of the season. Indulge in the cozy warmth of chunky knit sweaters and the elegant drapery of sophisticated tops, all in a palette of deep, warm tones that mirror the natural transition of the outdoors.

Innovative Silhouettes for Every Figure

Keeping a finger on the pulse of contemporary fashion, our lineup presents an eclectic mix of designs. From the bold lines of structured jackets to the fluidity of relaxed loungewear, there is a piece to delight every customer, regardless of their style or size.

Accent Pieces for Seasonal Charm

The importance of detail is not overlooked with our essential fall-winter accessories. This collection introduces an array of pieces that are not just functional but also imbue each outfit with a touch of seasonal charm.

A Partner in Retail

Understand the transformative power of fashion with Tasha Apparel. Our Fall-Winter 2022 Collection is set to complement your boutique's aesthetic and meet the high expectations of your customers. Join us in embracing this collection, and let your boutique become a haven of autumn-winter elegance.

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